image – integrity

As you chase what you want in the struggle for self
And twist yourself every which way
Stop and look all around and ponder your wealth
And think what it all seems to say.

For it isn’t your title, holdings, or homes
That confirm your worth at the last.
The source of true merit mentioned most in all tomes
Is something that grows out of one’s past.

It all traces back to you at your bravest and best.
If you’re lucky, it sticks clear up to the end.
And you pass the most dangerous and difficult test,
If your best self stays with you my friend.

You may play many parts and deliver great lines
And exert all for fortune and fame.
But what you garner will fade with the times,
If your best self has forgotten your name.

You can fool much of the world over the years.
And move forward and perhaps even last.
But your fate my friend will be heartbreak and tears
If your best self was betrayed in the past.

Whether we are prominent or obscure, young or old, wealthy, modest, or poor, we all face the challenge of being our bravest and best. Every time after the first time, we face the even greater challenge of being true to what we have learned we can be. What does it profit any of us to gain the entire world and lose the very best of ourselves?

© 2012, Larry Conley. All rights reserved.

Larry Conley (36 Posts)

I am a veteran of the U. S. Army. My good fortune is to be married to a wonderful woman and have two remarkable twin sons who are making their way in the world. I taught civics in a Pittsburgh area middle school. I am a cat and dog lover.

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