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#1: you will listen and believe what we tell you


#2: you will not question


#3: if you do – you will die!


And so the story goes

We live in false pretenses that are documented

Yet, we believe lies

We refuse to question

Because we are afraid of death


But are we all not going to die?


So the assumption is:

If I tend to get out of balance

From what they say is a safe society

I know I will be tracked

And eventually, I will be designated as a non-participant

In the murky water of human independence


And the 4th of July will be a comic book tale

A lie to the senses of freedom

The reality is, we will be controlled

Because there are people with agendas

That don’t want anyone with free thought

Walking, sleeping, thinking or talking

They just want one thing




And so we look back with fire works

At the period when our umbilical cord

Was cut away from the monarchy

And we burn our fingers

With torches

With BIC lighters

With matches from books that read a history manufactured


Because, we are nothing

We have nothing in our hand

Except nothing


But we could be the true amplification

Of the human spirit

We are all us

As long as we stand up

And consider that the 4th of July

Was just a hoax

Kinda like the bible


© 2012, Glen Still. All rights reserved.

Glen Still (1 Posts)


  1. Cher Duncombe

    Glen, this is an interesting take on these somewhat troubled times. It is true that we are followed everywhere under the auspices of it being “for the greater good.” Still, it does give me pause and your poem was not only well-written, but very thought-provoking. I think you will find that there are many writers who do “question,” both here and on Expats Post.

    Welcome to Expats Poetry!

  2. Glen Still (Author)

    Thank you Cher :)

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