when i see an elderly couple together, holding hands still so very much in love with each other, it touches me.

Honestly,  I wish people would remember the basic and wholesome beauty of love.

Nowadays, it has been over looked and hopefully not long forgotten.

You cannot force love or buy its true embrace.

Love has to be accepted in your heart first as an individual, loving yourself.

Then and only then can it be shared like a rain in the desert.

It must be nurtured and cherished.

One thing i have learned through a weakness of the need for love.

We do yearn for it.

We sacrifice ourselves, our paths to happiness and would do anything to keep it.

Your heart can play tricks on you.

Some people are not so sincere.

When they find something pure and true they do not nurture it forever.

They make you believe that your hearts cup will be filled with the passion of love.

Like thunder in the sky and the electricity of lightning touching the ground as if it was touching your very soul.

I believe this does exist and the power of love can be found.

When the time is right.

When you are ready to welcome the seasons to come.

Sometimes,  it may be stormy.

We must learn to deflect the wind and rain by together holding the umbrella of trust.

Sometimes, it will be hot and miserable.

We must learn to not be afraid to open our hearts and be naked to one another.

Accepting the cool wind as it blows on the sweat of our bodies.

At times,  it will be cold.

So cold that, it seems our bones will be brittle and break.

We must huddle together with the fire in our hearts.

We share the warmth of embrace and friction of passion to survive.

Other times my dear, it will be calm.



We must remember when times seemed hard.

That we overcame the elements.

We found all we ever needed was in our hearts.

Naked to one another.

Trusting the nurturing cool wind on our sweat.

Embracing the passion and thunder that strikes us like lightning in our souls.

This is true loves infinite goal.



© 2012, Josh Neigum. All rights reserved.

Josh Neigum (9 Posts)

My name is josh,i'm a proud father of three wonderful children.I have a very artistic nature about me,a calm and peaceful person who enjoys the company of others.My poetic nature has been with me for as long as i can remember,life has many changes and i roll with them the best i can.I enjoy the outdoors and the ocean is my church :).Must be my Pisces nature.Hopeless romantic....that's me.I work in construction but my gift has been building spiral staircases out of exotic woods and have 15 years experience in just that,yes i do pride myself on it and i should its not easy my friend.Hobbies are reading,going to the gym,dancing,writing poems and many other stories,listening to music as long as it has some soul to it :),hiking,swimming,omg i could go on,you get the life saying and will always say and believe it is " there is nothing that can't be done".


  1. Very lovely. Sweet verse full of optimism. :)

    • Josh Neigum (Author)

      thank you so much!!!!! :)

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