I think the saddest words I ever read

Emily Dickinson,from Photobucket

Were written from a solitary room

Of self-imposed withdrawal

She wrote from a room not far from bed


She wrote dear Emily did

Of her own death though still alive

Of hearing flies buzz before her eyes

Before they closed on the world

She had already left behind

Even before her finale breath


I know her fears and feel her tears

We are not so different she and I

I too have left much of the world behind

I know my reasons for closing time

Like the changing of the seasons,

Spring to summer, and fall to winter

I close myself that no one may enter


I know not her silent fears

I only know the saddest words I’ll ever hear

“This is my letter to the world’

That never wrote to me”


Well dear lonely poet

If your there in the great

Cosmic mysterious whirling mass

Of unknown dreams

I close my room were no one can hear

And write to you from my world


Could you feel the words

Do you know my fears

Can you feel the warmth of my tears

If so then at least one small part of this world

Has written to you


But still the saddest words I’ll ever hear

Because I know how deep the fear

“This this is my letter to the world that never wrote to me”                                                         Listen to this episode

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Dan Sanders (34 Posts)

I made it through college, started at Pace in New York, family seemed to think I needed a business degree. I didn't last long, two double periods of accounting a week and I was off to N.Y. U. To make a long story short ( too late for that) I graduated from UCLA and actually, my biggest kick out of that is just saying, especially here on the east coast UCLA, but I could care less, been in Boston since 1975, though I was coming for a year or so. A very good friend at the time, she said to me "Dan you'll never leave Boston" so dear Florida “Sun Spot Baby" you're down there, been in and out of radio, TV, acting and that's me in a nut shell.


  1. Powerfully sad, Dan, and wonderfully written. I will be reading this again and again, I know. ”
    “Because I know how deep the fear”
    “’This this is my letter to the world that never wrote to me’”

  2. This is very sad I must say. Sad to think that anyone has to feel this alone. sighs… well said.

  3. Dan Sanders (Author)

    HI Dani,

    I use to wonder, and I still do how someone could want, and I do mean want to be alone as much as I think Emily did. But since the death of my wife Jennifer and the longing for her I can almost, and I do mean almost understand it. I think it begins with a bit of reclusive tendencies. Which I have a felling all writers have an element of. Then something just magnifies that beyond all human reason…maybe ?

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