What would this life if woman free,
be for someone such as me?
Bereft of love, warmth and joy,
that have all stood close,
since I was a boy

Soft to touch, soft to hear,
soft upon a listening ear
Words to calm,
words so sweet that quell the anger hid so deep
Not always did I heed their words

Choosing my own instead of those,
who knew more of this cruel life,
than men; who only know of painful strife

Men are cruel
War they bring,
on the heads of everything
Whilst women soothe away the pain,
that’s been caused for such little gain

Men shout loud with intent of fear,
whilst women sing of beauty;
so deep and dear

Songs of love,
passion and joy that I have had since a boy

I wish I’d listened more to them,
than fought the battles that I’ve been in
Then perhaps I would not ache

in so much pain and with such compliant.

© 2013, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

Danny Kemp (14 Posts)

I am sixty-three years of age, married for the second time with two step-children and three grandchildren. My father died when I was sixteen but had probably summed me up completely by that time. He called me deceitful, and I'm not sorry that he did. I now use that characteristic to tell stories in both prose and, I hope. rhyme. My first novel was published in March 2012. The Desolate Garden is a spy murder mystery with more than a simple touch of romance. It has been likened to The 39 Steps and The Constant Gardener by reviewers and the film producer who's London based Company is converting my story into a film.


  1. Lovely, Danny. :-)

  2. Danny Kemp (Author)

    I have spelled the last word wrong..Just seen it!

  3. Danny Kemp (Author)

    Thank you Katy, I just wish I had seen that last word. :(

    • To paraphrase the late Julia Child: “You should never apologize to your readers or point out mistakes. People will think, ‘Yes, it’s really not so good.’

      It is a lovely poem, Danny. :-)

  4. Danny Kemp (Author)

    To paraphrase Danny Kemp, who I know somewhat better than I do Julia Child, ‘a mistake is a mistake in anyones eyes.’ :) But then in a previous poem of his, called Along The Way, he did say ‘ there is no such thing as a mistake.’ A confused person no doubt. Thank you again for your praise Katy.

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