And I Ain’t a Woman!

When men are overheard to say
A woman needs to be helped and guided
Even with steel wands shoved inside them
Or having only to prove they can tell when they are raped
No man ever gave birth or breast fed
or struggled with a rapist or the incestuous aggression of degenerates
And I ain’t a woman!

     Look at them.
Look at their arms!
They have plowed and planted
and gathered into barns
and no man could do more.
And I ain’t a woman!

   They could work as much
and eat as much as any man–
when they could get to it–
and bear the lash of a son’s death as well
And I ain’t a woman!

They have born countless children
and seen too many shot down or thrown into prison
and when they cried out in a mother’s grief
none but wind heard them.
And I ain’t a woman!

The nasty little men in state legislatures say
Women can’t have as many rights as men
because heroes aren’t women.
Where do our heroes come from?
From the loins of women!
Men have little to do with them!
If the first woman life ever made
was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone,
together women ought to be able to turn it  right side up again.

And I ain’t a woman!

© 2012, Larry Conley. All rights reserved.

Larry Conley (36 Posts)

I am a veteran of the U. S. Army. My good fortune is to be married to a wonderful woman and have two remarkable twin sons who are making their way in the world. I taught civics in a Pittsburgh area middle school. I am a cat and dog lover.


  1. “If the first woman life ever made
    was strong enough to turn the world upside down, all alone
    together women ought to be able to turn it right side up again.”~~

    Powerful poem, Mantra!

    • LarryConley (Author)


      Thank you for saying “Powerful poem.”

      Although I wrote it for Mantra’s Her-Story if she chooses to use it. I did write it.


    • LarryConley (Author)

      Sorry I forgot to mention – Mantra is a woman. But I ain’t!

  2. Larry, it is entirely my fault. But look at it this way: You wrote this so beautifully that I could hear, not only Mantra’s voice, but the voices of all women! Superb job, Larry, and quite a tribute to Mantra’s efforts for women this month.

    • LarryConley (Author)


      You are faultless as ever! I was not annoyed by you mistaking me for Mantra. I was honored.

      You have always been able to spot when I write due to inspiration provided by one of you two.

      I am sincerely gratified to read “You wrote this so beautifully that I could hear, not only Mantra’s voice, but the voices of all women!”

      In my view, men have yet to acknowledge and will never be able to repay the debt they owe women. Without women, I doubt life would be worth living and I know its continuation would be extraordinarily difficult if not impossible.

      Any tributes I can ever pay are mere installments on what is due you, Mantra, and all women.

      As ever,


  3. Larry, I’m glad you’re not a woman. We women need good men to be on our side and to make their views and feelings known. Every night I watch the news and am angry all over again. 1,100 abortion laws passed last year and now This! Without women and their ability to give life and love to men, there would Be no men! We represent a little more than half the population of the world, and I know few men who have no woman that they love or have loved. So why, for the love of heaven, are these men waging war on us? I’m sorry, but this situation is never far from my thoughts and I feel very passionate about it.

    It’s a strong, beautiful poem, Larry, and it speaks well of your intelligence and your heart. I’ll say it again, your wife is a fortunate woman.

    • LarryConley (Author)


      I am glad I am not a woman as well. It gives me the chance to know and love women like Nancy, Janell, Cher, Mantra, and you.

      My life would be a far poorer one without. Thank you for your kind words.

      While I draw breath I will always be on your side and in the fight for your rights.

      Thanks again for your kind remarks regarding the poem. It came straight from the heart. I appreciate the remarks about my wife being fortunate; I know that I am a lucky man.


  4. Anya

    Right on! Welcome to the honorary sisterhood. :)

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