Out of nowhere ~
With no warning ~
Something takes me
Unawares ~
Perhaps it is the way
The air has brushed
My skin ~
An easing of defenses ~
Subliminally felt
But wrenchingly real ~
And as painful as even
My worst enemy
Could wish ~
The feelings come in waves ~
And I wonder if I will
Return from this trip ~
Undertaken as unwillingly
As that of any alien abductee ~
I am buffeted by the winds
That push me this way ~
Pull me that ~
Make me waver in the
Surety of my course ~
Hinting at all manner of
Enticements if I but
Cast aside my prudence ~
Throw caution to those
Self-same winds
And lose it all for love ~
But even if I lost it all
How would I know ~
Frozen in this moment ~
Completely out of synch
With time ~
I follow ~
Helplessly enchanted ~
Drawn on by music only
You can make me hear ~
My pied piper ~
My music man ~
My only love ~

© 2012 – 2014, Melody Haislip. All rights reserved.

Melody Haislip (23 Posts)

I began writing poetry in my early 20s, and then put it aside and forgot it. Then a couple of years ago, I suddenly began writing ~ about everything under the sun ~ and I began to write poetry again. Or perhaps I should say channel more than write, since I feel that I am merely the conduit for some of the pieces I write. Those are the best of times, when the words flow, and those are the words which speak to others. Wish I could live in that state all the time!


  1. Melody, this is simply beautiful.
    “The feelings come in waves ~
    And I wonder if I will
    Return from this trip ~”

    You were a born writer of all that is in your heart.

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      True dat, Cher! When the words start pouring out, I turn down my brain and open my heart, where all these feelings live, and simply let them flow. I’m so glad you liked it! Thank you,

  2. LarryConley


    If you do not write lyric poetry, then I don’t know who does. This poem speaks of great themes of love, longing, passion.

    If we have to leave some thing behind to be discovered in a 1,000 years, let this poem be among them.


    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      Larry, you have a lovely way with compliments. I feel quite honored that you’re taking such a long view of my poem. I’d never given a thought to posterity before. What an exciting way to look at it. Thank you!

  3. Melody! I could hear the whispering sounds of the words through the red fluffy type of plants. It’s a type of grass right? Hmm I am not sure, but the words are there, floating, waiting to be heard. This is wonderfully written.

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      And now I’m seeing my words through the eyes of an artist ~ still another point of view. One of my favorite things about writing is the enlightenment I receive from others. TJ, thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Melody,

    I love seeing how you have gown and progressed in your poetry. this one is so thought-provoking and begs us to examine all of the possible answers to your questioning heart.

    Having loved just the way you have I am connected immediately in my comprehension and ride the waves of the wind alongside you. Love, that is true love never dies, and as long as you hold onto the tethers of your feelings, you will one day be held in your loved ones arms again.

    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      Thank you, Theresa. You probably know my heart better than most, and you’re right. True love lives forever.

  5. The strength of this is in the fact that I too want to follow, and to GO THERE. I want to be led by the Pied Piper, be carefree, and have confidcence that my course is the right one.

    Scrumptious, I love it.


    • Melody Haislip (Author)

      We all need a little magic in our lives, and I think there is a part of each of us that would like to be led. Charting your own course can be difficult and at times fraught with danger. So glad you loved it!

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