The fall of my life is upon me…

Luckily it is my favorite season.

Cool winds blow; leaves swirl

and rustle around me;

I feel alive!

Snuggling for warmth doesn’t

bother me none either.

Gone are the carefree oblivious

days of spring and summer.

Autumn flurries bring

all that is bitter and sweet.

A fire rages inside me ore’ the things

I feel powerless to change.

But I have found my voice,

and I savor life’s sweet

succulence with renewed fervor.

Hyper-focused on gratitude,

and attracting all things good.

I am awake!

© 2012, Dani Heart. All rights reserved.

Dani Heart (46 Posts)


  1. cher duncombe

    Beautiful poem for a beautiful season, Dani. Love the sound of your words. They sound like autumn.

  2. Dani Heart (Author)

    Thank you Cher. I feel like I have been half asleep most of my life. LOL Autumn is definitely the loveliest season. :)

  3. Anya

    Yay! Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons, and I hope I love and embrace my autumn as much!

  4. Dani Heart (Author)

    I am sure you will Anya. :) thank you for the lovely comment.

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