I wrote this poem for a school contest. Hope you like it!

I sat on the beach and a beautiful wave
Came splashing right up at me
It threw some pink shells on the sand
And hurried back into the arms of the sea
I stalked it for a mile, and it led me to a clam
Purple zigzag hiding delicately
As if shouting at me that it all is a flam
And go back where you happen belonging to be
There was a sudden pull from beneath the ocean
And I ducked down to find my own surprise
At a blue tail beautiful jellyfish figure
Come up to the surface in a fluid arise
I continued deeper into the kingdom of gentle water
My eyes widened at the sight of an angelfish
And she was asking the same question as me —
Whether it is a dream or a come-true wish
Of watching the garden of Eden beneath the sea.


© 2013, Soumainiac. All rights reserved.

Soumainiac (5 Posts)

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  1. Nice imagery. Everyone likes a day at the beach. :)

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