The porch was wet from the dropping water,
And the sun was setting scarlet
The sky was cloudy, as I gazed lovingly,
And tall trees were all black and red.

When the smell of rain came to me,
The breeze ran shivers through my skin.
With it I felt so liberated,
Like everything of mine flew with the wind.

I tried to reminisce, but I couldn’t
I had not lived a moment so perfect like this.
I prayed it never to go away,
For I was rarely in a more peaceful bliss

This night so graceful and beautiful,
Made me believe only God is responsible
For a moment so nice like this
That could have made any stone unbelievable.


© 2013, Soumainiac. All rights reserved.

Soumainiac (5 Posts)


  1. We live for these perfect moments. Welcome to Expats Poetry. :)

  2. It’s lovely, a joy to read.

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