Image Credit: Black Girls Inked

Image Credit: Black Girls Inked

Sweet Candy Cane…blue-banged Jane

Peppermint Patty’s saucy grin..high chin.. Silver-Pricked Bright Poinsettia Lip

Roman Numerals tattooed from her shoulder down to her hip.

Course knuckles and studded wrist

Her Pin-up way more resonating then the “70’s Black Power Fist”

Pierced how SHE likes.

Dressed how SHE likes.

Colored how SHE likes.

Not, the norm but far from unusual. Outward Alter-Ego, No Mirrors to hide behind, It is what (it) is..from HEAD to TOE.

It’s Not a Coverup nor a MASK …just pleasurable adornment….of anyway SHE see’s fit

Fishnets, Platform Pumps, and Leather Corsets

Hooded Velvet Capes, Combat Boots, and Hair shaved at the nape.

Bright Stars and Stripes, Purple, Red, and Hair Highlighted White..

Contrasted on Jet Black skin, with Heavy liner and Gloss

Or Pale Light skin, Dark hair with skulls and bones crisscrossed

Still, a Priceless Cutie and a Holy Alternative to the Worlds false misconception of beauty

She ain’t average and she’s not… NO Punk.. Steamed, Afro-fried, or Inked, Altered, Goth, or Dark…NO defining her or Purposely Posed Pics in any Encyclopedia..

Reveled Deep within her soul’s scheme..She CHOSE to be rejected from the typical Beauty Queen Scene..”That’s their ideal..not mine… I got my own dreams”

Dark Gothic Goddess

A walking bold printed political poster…

with nothing but the Truth in her latex holster.

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Mantra Lotus (28 Posts)

"I Float".. I Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee..ain't nobody got nothin' on me." I Float with iridescent blue wings.. high on top of purple dust..low to the oceans floor. I spin and whirl, wallow and sink. I am who I am, only because it's who I've been blessed to be. All-knowing and nothing. I knew you long before YOU knew you. Plugging USB cords to the universal cipher, I stay lit. I do what I do, simply because I DO IT. I love, hurt, bleed, laugh, cry, dance. F up, F down, (sideways and on my knees). I pray for forgiveness, and sleep on books of ancestral secrets. I love life because "it's" mine. I want bliss, happiness, joy, and "The love of my life", but I face reality that I may have to settle for the fattest, funkiest, avocado, soy burger and wheat-grass juice. "I Float"..Not fast. Not slow. Just enough for (YOU) to stay with...(ME). Mantra (Writer, Poet and Artist from The Greater St. Louis Area)


  1. Nice! Great descriptives. Love it. :)

  2. Very cleverly done.

  3. Anya Pham

    Love the strong sense of feminine identity/sense of self!

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