Stride the ledge
And look down
Way down
Chaos of you
Oceans of hue
Suite of rigid
Colors of a clown

Raise your glass
Still empty
For no cheers
Unholly hops”
Your time have passed
Aging like an oak
You listened
You listened. ..hard
But no one spoke

Pick your shovel
And dig deep
Dig deep
The wolfs are restless
The forest knows
No sleep

You dodged the danger
Walked by
Every other starnger
Waved away
All you can find
Outpaced the echoes
Far…far behind
You ran your fears
Gambled away
Your hidden tears
You cry
You fell short
Has no ears
And welcome
To the human kind

© 2012, MZ. All rights reserved.

MZ (13 Posts)

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  1. MZ, this is strong, deep and has so many emotions running through it. Starkly wonderful and makes us pause to look deeper in our own introspection.

    • MZ

      I must be in the Introspective phase, but I’ll shake it off soon,

      Thanks :)

  2. Very good, MZ. I like this poem a great deal.

    • MZ

      Thank you Dean :)

  3. Right from the get-go this has an urgent and anxious tone, and starts some existential questioning. Love it MZ makes me think and wonder.


    • MZ

      Life itself is Urgent, in order to know others; we need to know ourselves first,
      Thank you Pete :)

  4. MZ,

    I am not sure if this is the right word, but I’ll risk it. The tenor of this poem is engrossing. It has multiple levels of meaning throughout,

    This section for instance:

    “You ran your fears
    Gambled away
    Your hidden tears
    You cry
    You fell short
    Has no ears”

    Sounds to me initially as though someone loved and lost and then, on reconsideration sounds as though someone may have taken a noble risk and met defeat. You may have intended something completely different than either, but it is this suggestiveness that I believe makes this poem so appealing.

    Great one.

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