I want to lose myself inside myself

for once, a cocoon

wrapped in my own knit layers


it will be my choosing

as well as the seasons

that determines when I come out


I wonder about breathing though

the impossibility of, yet longing for,

this complete stillness


will I emerge winged, changed

in unrecognizable form to others

in complete recognition of myself


I look in a mirror and see antennae

delicate wings, proboscis, I swear

even before this imagined cocooning


© 2012, Sarah Joy Hadler. All rights reserved.

Sarah Joy Hadler (7 Posts)


  1. If you believe it you can be it. :) Lovely piece here.

  2. Shades of Franz Kafka! Your poetry reads beautifully, it flows, and it’s masterfully constructed. May you write many more and share them here!

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