colorless teddy bears

photo credit: tolbert

black and white surrounds childhood
while teddy bears sit still, waiting
ready for the laughter of a little girl
to color the day

someday soon
someday later
when life has filled her
with colorful bears and wishful dreams
she will smile
and wish color
on brown teddy bears
and maple benches
green rolling hills
and purple lantana

smiles come in different colors
when a child is young
and innocent
and dreams are quiet
peaceful and soft

dreams and wishes are crisp
blue skies and white clouds
colored by the smile of a child
who sees a world
by colorless teddy bears
and hope

© 2012, tolbert. All rights reserved.

tolbert (24 Posts)

Born in Virginia and raised in North Carolina, I have Southern roots that were extracted when I lived close enough to Berkeley in the late sixties and early seventies to taste the influences of the pursuit of freedom. As a student at San Jose State University I watched William Kuntsler expound on the values of free speech and he offered more education in an hour, on the lawn by the baseball diamond than most professors gave in a full semester. Married for thirty years, I have two grown daughters and three grandkids,..and two Boston Terriers.

One Comment

  1. Oh for the ability to see a world comforted by colorless Teddy bears. There is a warmth mixed with regret, here, Tolbert, that I love.

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