Cupid’s bow lips puckered and pouting
Me and myself taking an outing
We had a blessed ceremony
Celebrating our love

Like a pixie
An imp
In pink
A glowing cherub
with orange locks
A bouquet of Love
with hot pink phlox
Ruby red rosey
heart filled posey
I cradle
Look on with
Sapphire blue eyes
I smile
My golden face
Lights up
Hearts Hearts Hearts
Rosey rosey rose
Flowering romance
Fills my hungry nose

Childhood sweethearts
A long romance
Fell out by chance
met, dated, flirted,
explored, sometimes furtive,
argued then hated,
we were sad
I went bad

But now how Glad
Now wed

At last
We are found
And like angels above
We soar and fly
Me myself, I,
All over the Sky
Pink Yellow flower bouquet
I’ll throw for the next
the catcher is blessed

Me and myself may be crazy
Our honeymoon a hazy fantasy
At last I am married to Me
Free to be
Crazy Momma Queen Bee
I smile and throw a kiss to the mirror
I LOVE ME and I am the WINNER!

Dancing and prancing
I grin with delight
Glancing Romancing
My union takes flight
through the night
through the day
through December through May
Till the cows come home
for a month of Sundays
every day now
Forever a FunDay

Hearts all a flutter
Hopes on the Wing
Heart on my Sleeve
Celebrate all things!

Me me I myself
No longer are we on the shelf
Loopy Love
Mad crazy lust
The bad times are gone
and lay in the dust.





© 2012, Sam Parr. All rights reserved.

Sam Parr (4 Posts)


  1. Sam,

    What an optimistic stanza:

    But now how Glad
    Now wed

    Good words and good luck!


    • Sam Parr (Author)

      Thankyou Larry, I wrote this poem putting myself “in the head of” the artist Manika Lindberg who did the picture – she did a whole series of “inner wedding” pictures about I think learning to love herself , and this particular one is called “Crazy Honeymoon” – so it is not personal as such but I loved visiting my friend’s headspace! Her creativity is so inspiring and her journey and the way she shared it is infectiously joyous :-)

  2. Crazy Momma Queen Bee, yes YES!!! :) Like Larry said so optimistic and uplifting really. I didn’t look at Manika’s art until after I read the words. Very cool and love this side of you, hope to see more!


    • Sam Parr (Author)

      thankyou Pete!

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