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i’ve determination
and fortitude
and gumption
i will carry on
despite obstacles i face
i’ve courage and resilience
i’ve persistence
and bravery
and stoutheartedness
i will carry on
embrace a dubious future
i’ve purpose and meaning
i’ve perseverance
and bravery
and tenacity
i will carry on
travel this crooked trail
i’ve surefootedness
and backbone

© 2012, Pete Armetta. All rights reserved.

Pete Armetta (12 Posts)

Pete is a writer of Flash Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories and Essays. Based in Charlottesville, VA, Pete is currently pursing Fellowships and Residencies in order to further hone his craft. He is a regular contributor to The River Journal, and has appeared in Take It To The Street Poetry, BestNewPoems and Subtle Fiction. Pete is pleased to be a part of the Expats Poetry community!


  1. Wow Pete, this is a wonderful glimpse into determination! “i will carry on
    travel this crooked trail”—such a great line. We all have crooked trails to travel. Would that we all had your determination. Welcome to Expats Poetry!

  2. I’m definitely on a crooked trail, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

    “i will carry on
    despite obstacles i face
    i’ve courage and resilience”

    So true! Such a great start on Expats Poetry! Big Welcome to you! :)

  3. Wonderful, Pete. Welcome to Expats. You’re a fantastic addition!

  4. Pete Armetta (Author)

    Thank you all so much for the warm welcome, and for reading me. I appreciate you taking your time. :)

  5. “I’ve perseverance and bravery … ” Indeed, you do! And a very fine hand with a poem, good sir. Bravo, Pete, and again, welcome!

  6. Pete Armetta (Author)

    Thank you Melody for reading. It’s so nice when you write something then when you read it back to yourself, it makes you feel STRONG. :) Don’t you think?!


    • Pete, there’s no law against being your own biggest cheerleader. Encouragement, like Charity, should begin at home. :)

  7. I really like the positive nature of this piece… determination is admirable. :)

  8. Pete Armetta (Author)

    Thank you Dani I’m glad it resonated with you and appreciate you reading. :)


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