I am…

Caught in the undertow; whirling maddeningly in the merciless surf.

Tossed against the rocks,

The coral;

The sharp, jagged edges of uncertainty.

Gasping for air, I am met with gulps of choking salt,

Suffocating on the brine of my own tears.


I am…

Imperiling my soul as I tumble,

Fumble, awkwardly stumble

Begging for a solid foothold; a living breath.

Hazarding my spirit by flailing

Failing, awkwardly sailing

As I am washed further from land into the unknown depth.


With what has peevish Neptune taken umbrage

That he should annihilate

All semblance of serenity?

What underwater leviathan has awoken in a rage,

Only to wreak havoc

On ship and shore?


I am…

Searching for a tether, something on which to cling

As my tenuous grip on life slips knot by knot.

A branch, a rope, a word, a look…

Anything with which to steady myself and regain equanimity.

Yet the more I clutch at nothing, the more violently I hurtle through

The dark chasms of the heart and mind.


A decision:


I am…

Letting go.


Surrendering to the undertow of the unknown.

And as I somersault through obscurity, I find I gain momentum.

Until it is the world that is circumvolving again

And I stand…still.

© 2012, Rebecca Ash. All rights reserved.

Rebecca Ash (8 Posts)

Rebecca Ash is a freelance writer and poet. Her love affair with poetry began early, thanks to an overzealous English teacher who introduced her to the likes of Dickinson, Poe, Angelou, Frost, Whitman and Browning. She favors free verse, quatrain, lyric and pastoral though dabbles in many other forms of the art.


  1. Rebecca, this is breath-taking! Those of us who have been “caught in the undertow” applaud you for putting those feelings into these words. You are a remarkable person and have a true gift for poetry.

    • Rebecca Ash (Author)

      Thank you, Cher!!!! I seem to gravitate to water as metaphor. Hmmm. :)

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