Dark places in my mind,
I dare not
Turn the pages,
I fear
Of what
I might find
Of forgotten emotions
In rusty cages

Light of knowing
Seeps through the ceiling
Casts unfamiliar shadows
Columns of dust
Of past whispers
Still- born
Of ancient hallows

Before the time,
Of many ages
I peeled the layers
And saw odd faces
Starring back
To look
But not to see
Mirrors would not have
Fakes of many
Of what I know
Of what is me!

How deep
We bury them
And hope
We escaped the dark
Not knowing
What makes us,
Are roots of history
Scares and memory
Of mark,
After mark
After mark

© 2012, MZ. All rights reserved.

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  1. I have read this three times, MZ. Each time I glean something more. This has incredible depth and makes the reader ponder just what each “mark After mark, After mark” we may have within ourselves. I find I am staring at this poem as one does with a painting in a museum and studying in amazement. This is a masterful poem.

    • Thank you Cher,
      Sometimes it is better to face the Dark than to ignore it!

  2. WOW! We have some SERIOUSLY great poets in this group.

    My favorite part: “How deep/We bury them/And hope/We escaped the dark” I think so many of us have hoped for this. I know I have.

    Wonderful job :)

    • Talent is contiguous!!!
      Thank you Jen :)

  3. MZ! I love this poem :) I was skipping through the images that formed in my head when I read it. Even though I am scared of what I will find in the dark places of my mind, I do peel away the edges and stare at whatever shows itself. You’ve written this wonderfully!!! *throws with cookies*

  4. I say drag that puppy out into the cold light of day. :) Well done.

    • I do that all the times, but i miss a few, Thank you Dani :)

  5. We so have to nakedly and vulnerably face just who and what we are, and this communicates that so effectively, in a wonderfully scary and spooky way. Just love it, quite enjoyable and affecting.

    • MZ

      Jolt of reality in a scary way, Thank you Pete :)

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