it is complicated

there was the red dress with the black circles

or was it the black dress with the red circles

you know, the one you told me I looked like an eddy in

all that calm water

a place to wait


it will always save you, you said

there is a thin line, almost invisible, between

the rushing current and the place for stopping

pausing, praying,

watching herons land

their long legs finally stretching enough

contemplating fish


perhaps we sat in the eddy

for too long

we forgot about the main current

flowing past us so quickly

all the possibilities downstream


we kept saying, look at the egret,

look at all these trout, tiny stoneflies, dragonflies mating,

the weeping willow

its branches barely brushing the river

like a prayer






© 2012, Sarah Joy Hadler. All rights reserved.

Sarah Joy Hadler (7 Posts)


  1. Beautiful!

  2. A very lovely verse. Welcome to Expats poetry. :)

  3. This has a lovely delicacy, very fluid and intelligent. I’m glad you found your way here to Expats Poetry! :)

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