THE FUDAMENTAL THINGS 001 AAI look for faces I once knew

I look at places both old and new

The faces have change

The places not the same

But in my mind’s eye

It’s all the same

I close myself in

And  the doubt out

Then I go and drift about

Remembering old flames

Loves lost and won

Friends of youth

Faces still young

So full of youth

With lives to be lived

And summers to be filled

I go to this place

Inside my mind

Sometime even

When there is no time

But as the years have left me here

With not much more than fear

I go to this place in my mind’s eye

And its ear

And there we all live

And never die

A lollypop world some will say

And make believe

A child’s play

It’s not today

That’s when I ask

Is it really gone

And in the past

To be left behind

A good memory

Is more than kind

And thank God

The child still plays

Inside my mind

© 2013, Dan Sanders. All rights reserved.

Dan Sanders (34 Posts)

I made it through college, started at Pace in New York, family seemed to think I needed a business degree. I didn't last long, two double periods of accounting a week and I was off to N.Y. U. To make a long story short ( too late for that) I graduated from UCLA and actually, my biggest kick out of that is just saying, especially here on the east coast UCLA, but I could care less, been in Boston since 1975, though I was coming for a year or so. A very good friend at the time, she said to me "Dan you'll never leave Boston" so dear Florida “Sun Spot Baby" you're down there, been in and out of radio, TV, acting and that's me in a nut shell.

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