When blue horizons become scarlet skies

A window can open between dark and light

This mystic array of colors to be

Travels beyond the vast open sea

The glow of its color is on the leaves of the trees

And it’s light can be seen in a pond or a stream

To see this true beauty as it comes and it goes

Can open a sigh in your heart and your soul

Open your eyes and be swept away

For the light can be found in every new day

Be conscious of what it is to be seen

Don’t be tricked, be aware, of some falsified dream

Nothing can break you with a conscious true life

It’s like trying to pluck all the stars from the sky

Believe in this plentiful life, love and dream

Happiness will find you if, your open to recieve

Walk in the valley where the sun burns the sky

Up high above the mountains beyond birds of flight

Reflecting its memories in the lava lit tides

As it travels majestically to reach the other side

The journey it shows action that’s free

No fears in this quest shown to you and to me

Whatever is clouded and locked up inside

Let the fire in the sky be an aware and true ride.


© 2012, Josh Neigum. All rights reserved.

Josh Neigum (9 Posts)

My name is josh,i'm a proud father of three wonderful children.I have a very artistic nature about me,a calm and peaceful person who enjoys the company of others.My poetic nature has been with me for as long as i can remember,life has many changes and i roll with them the best i can.I enjoy the outdoors and the ocean is my church :).Must be my Pisces nature.Hopeless romantic....that's me.I work in construction but my gift has been building spiral staircases out of exotic woods and have 15 years experience in just that,yes i do pride myself on it and i should its not easy my friend.Hobbies are reading,going to the gym,dancing,writing poems and many other stories,listening to music as long as it has some soul to it :),hiking,swimming,omg i could go on,you get the life saying and will always say and believe it is " there is nothing that can't be done".

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