fisherman of the soul

fisherman at sunset by tolbert







i knew he wasn’t jesus

he had a pole in his hand

and stood quietly still before the water

ankle deep,

just enough to see he wasn’t standing on top


evening cast a nice reflection

on the water-beaten sand and there he stood

perpendicular to himself

and that’s where i saw him

he was crucified

and the waves were defiant


‘crucify him! crucify him!’

it had to happen soon

as the setting sun dipped into the screaming sea

blood red water poured onto the sand

as the fisherman of men’s souls stood


his pole pointed to heaven

while perpendicular to himself

he lay quietly still on the smooth sand

as they laid him to rest

in a borrowed tomb


and the golden sunset

wept into the sea until darkness prevailed

to the sound of breaking waves

‘crucify him!  crucify him’

© 2012, tolbert. All rights reserved.

tolbert (24 Posts)

Born in Virginia and raised in North Carolina, I have Southern roots that were extracted when I lived close enough to Berkeley in the late sixties and early seventies to taste the influences of the pursuit of freedom. As a student at San Jose State University I watched William Kuntsler expound on the values of free speech and he offered more education in an hour, on the lawn by the baseball diamond than most professors gave in a full semester. Married for thirty years, I have two grown daughters and three grandkids,..and two Boston Terriers.


  1. Sweet picture, and nice to see he wasn’t actually walking on the water haha Quite the mystery here love it Wayne.


  2. This is such an amazing verbal and visual image of sanctity in unsanctified acts. Your writing often causes a jaw-dropping response, Tolbert.

  3. tolbert (Author)

    Thank you Pete and Cher.

    You’re right Pete, it is a mystery…and usually I don’t know what it means. :-)

    And Cher, you are so kind and see the deeper picture…”sanctity in unsanctified acts”
    Thank you both.

  4. Sometimes, at sunset or sunrise, we are granted flashes of insight that appear and disappear at the speed of light. Perhaps there are cracks in the fabric of the Universe, of perhaps they are gifts. Powerful, perceptive and beautiful, Wayne.

  5. tolbert (Author)

    Thank you Melody…the insight is here for certain…it is YOUR insight.

    Thank you so mucr!

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