Like a whimsical flurry you blew into my life

You were a breeze I turned my face to

arms outstretched fully

to embrace your curious rustling

with every fiber of my soul.


and you stirred within me

feverish bouts of creativity,

the world pregnant with promise

when I viewed it through your eyes.


You were the perfect muse!

Your friendship afforded me

unexpected bounties immeasurable.


Now our sad, broken melody

plays on the wind.

I know you hear it, feel it,

and it catches you unaware.


I know in your heart

you still secretly dance to our music…


and I miss those days of  joyful collaboration.



© Dani Heart 10/8/2013

© 2013, Dani Heart. All rights reserved.

Dani Heart (46 Posts)


  1. Anya Pham

    How wistful and melancholy.

  2. Dani Heart (Author)

    Thank you Anya. I lost my best friend. :) Not something I could control. sighs..

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