We spent the day riding
Trams all over the city
Admiring the view and
Talking about things we
Could do while we’re young
We climbed mountains
Looked solemnly at pop art postcards
Took the télépherique up to the
Swam in the Isère and
Picnicked in the graveyard

I told you about the cobwebs
The dreams I had last night
The apple from the Loire Valley and
The things I did and saw last time I
Was here

I told you that I loved you and
You replied, ‘That’s just the
French air’ and maybe that was it

Or maybe it’s simply being lost and hungry
I tell you

Or so I would have
Had you been here



© 2012, Anya Pham. All rights reserved.

Anya Pham (4 Posts)

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