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It is said “we the people” began the land of which we’re so proud.
Now this beautiful land is scarred by bitterness and voices far too loud.
The founders knew the future stretched for a lengthy span of time.
And they stated six great purposes to provide our reason, rhythm and rhyme
Must “we” transform into “they” as the years go on and on?
Or can every person and generation keep the initial faith until the battle’s won?
Let it be asked “Oh say can you see, by the dawn’s early light?”
It is “we”; there is no “they.” Now, let’s proceed to put this right

On July 4, 2012, our nation’s 236th national birthday,
We the people face a looming choice and must decide the way
We will build our future and realize the American Creed.
Will we hold true to our purposes or sellout to ravenous greed?
There are plenty of factors, factions and characters on which to lay the blame,
But if we cannot rise above all of these, we won’t escape real shame.
The haunting stare of history and the hopes of all the earth,
Will never let us slink away, so we must now prove our worth.

Look at the Framing document and ponder the great leaders of our past
Now it is up to us to rally to the task.
We have clearly stated purposes and principles that ring true.
There is no “they” to save or thwart us; there is only me and you.
Now let’s cut through the media hype and the snarls of distortion and untruth,
It is time to transcend bitterness and renew the idealism of our youth.
We must keep moving forward to a better land for all.
There is no one but us to do it. If we shrink or shirk, America must fall.

© 2012, Larry Conley. All rights reserved.

Larry Conley (36 Posts)

I am a veteran of the U. S. Army. My good fortune is to be married to a wonderful woman and have two remarkable twin sons who are making their way in the world. I taught civics in a Pittsburgh area middle school. I am a cat and dog lover.


  1. When laid out like this, it seems the choice should be obvious. We must keep putting the truth out there to combat the lies. I pray for our president and all our elected officials, including the Supremes, every night. I also pray for our beautiful Mother Earth that she will survive us.

    Happy 236th Birthday, United States of America!

  2. Larry Conley (Author)


    I so agree. Those who cannot see it have gotten lost along they way. Perhaps we could say, they were seduced by the dark side, but that is an insult to dark. For me it is green that did them in. The green of envy and avarice and the green of covetousness and jealousy.

    Some seem no matter how much they have to begrudge a penny for anyone else.

    Thanks for your comment. You pray and I’ll hope. We can both work.


  3. I think the problem is Larry that there are too many different people with different agendas seeking money and power. Sadly, I don’t think there are near enough people that want to make it good for all. I hope I am wrong? Nice piece with a clear message to heed. :)

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