Clench your teeth
Clean your gutters
Here comes the rain!

Beavers are
Getting fat
More dams
While you and I
Our humble numbers
Shout: Justice!
They are busy
Uncle Sams

“Look at them fools
Look at
The small critters
We run them
No hands
No tools
Only sweet talk
They gave us
All the keys
We will
Skip dotting the ‘I’s
And sell them
Fakes of crossed tees
Streets full of
Silhouettes in chalk”

Tighten your belts
Here comes the pain
In the land of crazies
What’s the use?
How vain
To be sane?

Clench your teeth
Clean your gutters
Here comes the rain!


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  1. MZ,

    You are so right. The storm is not merely gathering; it is upon us.


    • M Z (Author)

      Closer than most think, Thanks Larry :)

  2. This is political I am guessing, love the sense of “battening down the hatches” you really get that across, very powerful almost apocalyptic write MZ :-)

    • M Z (Author)

      You guessed right Sam, It is the political scen in the US of A, Thanks :)

  3. That’s right, be prepared, don’t want things creeping up unbeknownst that’s for sure. Great tone in this MZ, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


    • MZ (Author)

      Glad you did Pete, Thank you :)

  4. Great poem, MZ. The policies in the U.S. are at a nearly complete standstill until the election. Makes you wonder what is happening at the helm. No budget, just complete impasse. Wretched to have an implacable Congress.

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