Old Sheet Music by Bram Janssens




The tune begins;
Molto dolce
I twirl the downy tendrils at the nape of your elegant neck
and feel the burn of my cheek against yours.
I breathe you in, inhaling your essence as a newborn gasps it’s first breath.
I drink in your cottony scent, tinged with a subtle sweetness, making it my own.
My heart breaks with each exhalation, so reticent am I to release you.

Your fingers dance over my shivering skin
Creating melodies, harmonies, dissonance.
It echos in the sound of my own sighs.
Gently you caress my flesh; scorching it, chilling it…
arousing areas in me I was previously oblivious to.
With hands of an artist, you compose in me an aria of delight.

Octaves of pleasure rise within me in a fulmination of prurience;
Staccato breaths transport me from the gently lit room to an aurora of euphoria
I feel primordial, sanctified, luminous…a goddess in your grasp.
La petite mort; I am consumed.

Your heart beats into my back, sealed together, as if it’s an auxiliary to my own.
Your breath on my neck, I lean into you and let myself become awash with our music.
Lost in our rhythm, I slowly return from rapture and settle into repletion.


© 2012, Rebecca Ash. All rights reserved.

Rebecca Ash (8 Posts)

Rebecca Ash is a freelance writer and poet. Her love affair with poetry began early, thanks to an overzealous English teacher who introduced her to the likes of Dickinson, Poe, Angelou, Frost, Whitman and Browning. She favors free verse, quatrain, lyric and pastoral though dabbles in many other forms of the art.


  1. Breath-taking, Rebecca, in every way. An aria not soon forgotten. Your talent is uniquely beautiful.

    • Rebecca Ash (Author)

      Did anyone ever tell you you’re an awesome motivator? :) Thanks, Cher!!!

  2. Goodness Rebecca, this is absolutely beautiful. I could hear a soft tune as I read this :) Loved it!

    • Rebecca Ash (Author)

      Thank you, TJ! Music is everywhere, if we care to hear it. :)

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