I saw an Inspiration (Lipogram on E)

This is a lipogram on “E” (without use of letter “E” in poem) and is described in paragraph in one side and in form of poem in another side. It is about a bird who never left trying and kept on flying after the try.
Lets read….wish that you will like this…

As a Paragraph

A day I saw a bird flowing as a shiny burn in the magical world to find dazzling light with a high flight without flying, roaming all around from rain to autumn, climbing to sky hill from dark ditch, for an aim I did not know, falling to dusty ground as a blind without stick falls. I thought in my mind, “What a poor bird it was! With tiny wings without furs.” Looking at shaping clouds and plants swinging, that bird was again trying.

From all day to night, I was looking at it without a blink and also thought a bit that it could not fly but it did try. And a duration was born, I was gazing at it and it was flying with its tiny wings and tiny furs.
And I told, “I saw an Inspiration”

As a Poem

A day
as a shiny burn,
I saw a bird
growing in world,
to find a dazzling light
not black, also not white,
Though it didn’t fly
but did a good try,
Though I was roaming all around
with a whistling sound,
chasing it as a cop
but it didn’t stop,
From rain to autumn
and top to bottom,
Climbing from ditch to hill,
with an unknown will,
but was falling to dusty
as a blind without stick is found,
Though I did find
and thought in my mind,
-What a poor bird it was!
With tiny wings without furs,
Looking at clouds shaping
and plants that was swinging,
It was again trying
For just a bit of flying,

From all day to night
It was in my sight,
and thought,it could not fly
but it didn’t abandon try,
And a duration was born
about its aim,I got known,
it was flying high
as it did a long try,
And with a shout, I told
In my voice bold,
wow! Amazing Innovation
And I saw an Inspiration.


Wish that you have enjoyed this……comments please.

© 2012, Nikhil Jain. All rights reserved.

Nikhil Jain (1 Posts)

I'm Li'l Poet NJ and an Indian who was born in the town Sironj of Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India. I'm a boy who loves to turn his imagination into wonderful creations. There are many things which inspire me, and one particular person is my mom. Hindi is my mother tongue but I was introduced to English as soon as I found poetry as my hobby. Another hobby of mine isto learn different languages and I'm learning Spanish now. Poetry became the biggest turn in my life and my passion too. Who had ever thought that I would be a poet some day but it happened. The boy who once disliked literature in his childhood became a little poet and lover of literature. Poetry shaped my life, gave me an artist name "Li'l Poet NJ" and also an identity in this competitive world. My biggest hobby is to make friends. I love to meet new people and learn about their hobbies and art. My friends are from different countries. I am walking on this way of life with my spirit of imagination and wish that this flame will remain enlightened in me.

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  1. I did enjoy it all, and i think although there was the explanation it didn’t need it. It stood on its own and warranted the reading. Beautiful, I was there watching along side you.

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