Impending Reckoning


As I drive past the once lush landscape

still smoldering…

An eerie silence fills the air, and I am

again reminded that our grasp on control

is tenuous at best.


The earth lives, breathes, and she’s angry…

at our continual assaults on the plentitude

she affords us.


Like a loving parent, stern, but kind,

she sends urgent, painful warnings

that our behavior needs to change.


Like the willful, stubborn children we are,

we fail to listen…instead we push and

exceed her boundaries with record speed.

There are even those among us

who in the pursuit of money and power,

have had the audacity to alter her sacred seeds.


As if they could somehow do better than

nature intended!?


Her patience is waning,

and time is running out.

Would that we become enlightened

before she loses her temper;

or maybe… that’s just what we deserve!?


copyright Dani Heart 5/16/13

© 2013, Dani Heart. All rights reserved.

Dani Heart (46 Posts)


  1. Garry Crystal

    Am very jealous of your recent trip to the Grand Canyon, would love to go there. Great poem Dani. The earth- sponsored by Mcdonald’s and Walmart. Keep up the good fight.

  2. Dani Heart (Author)

    I think in part the Grand Canyon help to fuel the sentiment expressed here. I was absolutely awe inspired. I learned of the trials over the land in the Grand Canyon. How there were many Damns proposed and defeated and how much of the land in the Grand Canyon belongs still to the Indians. I think we forget that the earth is a living breathing thing, but when you are in the Grand Canyon you can’t forget… it’s all around you, and it is profound. I am glad that the Canyon has been saved over and over and preserved for all to enjoy. If you haven’t been.. you should definitely go. :) Thank you so much for this lovely comment…and yes I will keep up the good fight…. in my mind there is not an option not to. :)

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