I love walking alone
In the desert.

No people around
My feet on the ground

In the desert.

I love stretching my legs
In the desert.

Everything’s bright
I’m traveling light
I’ll get there from here
The road ahead’s clear
I can’t take a fall
No effort at all

In the desert.

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© 2012, Pete Armetta. All rights reserved.

Pete Armetta (12 Posts)

Pete is a writer of Flash Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories and Essays. Based in Charlottesville, VA, Pete is currently pursing Fellowships and Residencies in order to further hone his craft. He is a regular contributor to The River Journal, and has appeared in Take It To The Street Poetry, BestNewPoems and Subtle Fiction. Pete is pleased to be a part of the Expats Poetry community!


  1. Pete, nicely done! There is something both enticing and foreboding about the dessert. The first time I visited Tucson, I stood in amazement. The serenity and beauty were almost overwhelming.

  2. Pete Armetta (Author)

    Thanks, yeh I can’t wait to get back out there! :)

    Appreicate you reading me.


  3. tolbert

    I’ll get there from here
    The road ahead’s clear

    And yes you will Pete! Because the road is clear, you will get there…and yet, somehow I think that even if it was not clear you would still get there…in the desert!

  4. Pete Armetta (Author)

    Thanks Tolbert and the road sure AIN’T clear! :) Learning patience, but hope to be walking so carefree at some point in time.

    Thanks for reading, I appreciate you.


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