Remember a time of life as a child

When life was a mysterious imagination run wild

We sipped on the nectar of a freshly picked flower

Our senses alive with a fruit that was sour

We laughed and we cried and forever we played

Our smiles were alive with no worries of the day

Look at us now bound by the time

Survival is fitting with no smiles, what a crime

So busy our minds are racing around

Making ends meet bills piling in mounds

It seems we’re to busy and forget to be free

Remember those smiles while climbing a tree

Somehow we decided it was time to be big

Ignoring the child with a worm he would dig

What changes have we made on this playground of life

Where teeter tooders  and swings brought smiles that were nice

We road our fun bikes now we’re driving in cars

Where have the smiles gone are they hiding in scars

Who needs those dark skeletons dwelling inside

Get off of your can and jump down a slide

What are these strange words we create like bling bling

I find it much nicer to just say swing swing

Sometimes you must walk a path for awhile

And remember it took a child to smile.

© 2012, Josh Neigum. All rights reserved.

Josh Neigum (9 Posts)

My name is josh,i'm a proud father of three wonderful children.I have a very artistic nature about me,a calm and peaceful person who enjoys the company of others.My poetic nature has been with me for as long as i can remember,life has many changes and i roll with them the best i can.I enjoy the outdoors and the ocean is my church :).Must be my Pisces nature.Hopeless romantic....that's me.I work in construction but my gift has been building spiral staircases out of exotic woods and have 15 years experience in just that,yes i do pride myself on it and i should its not easy my friend.Hobbies are reading,going to the gym,dancing,writing poems and many other stories,listening to music as long as it has some soul to it :),hiking,swimming,omg i could go on,you get the life saying and will always say and believe it is " there is nothing that can't be done".

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  1. Anya

    I loved this – I think the true nature of the artist is to surrender to the inner child. :)

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