“A nod to our Sweet Half;  Sometimes we cannot live with them,  but we cannot live without them either!”

Pads and bags
And no face paint
I like my tears
With no trace

Head held up high
You’ll not
Hear me sigh
And NO,
I do not faint!

Glass ceilings long
Have been shattered
I’ll no longer be
Or battered

You like them heals:
Try to wear them
And walk a mile,
Ride the highs and lows
Of living
keep on a smile!”

I gave you love
I gave you shelter
And shiny moments
To remember

I am your sister
I am your wife
I am the one
Who gave you life
Your Eveready Maid
I am the soother
Of your sufferings
Don’t you bribe me
With material offerings
I will take
A simple”thank you
And a hearty hug instead!

© 2012, MZ. All rights reserved.

MZ (13 Posts)

Blogger, writer, dappling in Poetry and freelancing in Web and Graphic Design.

One Comment

  1. MZ,

    Truly a beautiful and artful tribute to our many deserving sister citizens.



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