Wanted posters / in a post office / someone graffitis over photos / of your pale faces

Your crumpled letter / laughs at African aborigines, the Holocaust, Asians / it calls the Dalai Lama / the anti-Christ

Your greenbacks detonate / regurgitate greed / poisons a sacred union / love lost for aeons

The Kali Yuga winds down / spirits rip / hungry ghosts return / in a nuclear age

Emptiness is all / change – the only constant

Six generations in America / perpetual foreigners / treading water / in a sea of ignorance

Elitism and privilege reign / non-action is action / a silence that deafens / sounds of a hollow home / piercing

Cries for justice / invisibility / true friends gather

A blind man rattles / his metal cup for coins / legless yogi /serenely unshaken by life

Zen nun tells us to / kill the Buddha / if we meet him / kill the ego



This is a revised poem.  The original version of this poem, “Kali Yuga” was published in an anthology by Asian American women artists, writers and poets in 2007.

© 2012, Risha. All rights reserved.

Risha (2 Posts)


  1. Cher Duncombe

    What a compelling poem, Risha. Magnificent!

  2. Risha

    Thank you, Cher, for the kind comments! All the best to you and yours.

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