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What is life if a place not magic?

Is it a place to just pass time?

To dismiss and detach from beauty?

To presume the worst from others?

To deny the significance of caring?

To believe there’s just no meaning?

What is life if a place not everything?

Is it a place to raise tough questions?

Where you live without regret?

Where you face hard truth with muster?

Where your soul is filled with joy?

Where you see just possibility?

There is magic in everything in life.

© 2012, Pete Armetta. All rights reserved.

Pete Armetta (12 Posts)

Pete is a writer of Flash Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories and Essays. Based in Charlottesville, VA, Pete is currently pursing Fellowships and Residencies in order to further hone his craft. He is a regular contributor to The River Journal, and has appeared in Take It To The Street Poetry, BestNewPoems and Subtle Fiction. Pete is pleased to be a part of the Expats Poetry community!


  1. Pete you gave us much to ponder here. What is life without questions? I suppose those who do not question simply float upon the surface and miss so much. Terrific poem!

  2. Hoo knows the answers to these questions? Not I, but I agree that life is magic!

  3. Pete Armetta (Author)

    Magic in everything! Thanks for reading and commenting Cher and Melody I’m much obliged. :)


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