It’s been six months since you went away

Today it seems like yesterday

And yesterday seemed like yesterday

Six months it’s been

Since you went away

I use to tell myself you’d

Be back someday

And every yesterday reminds me

You are gone to stay

For now you’ve gone too far away

Would it be easier if you had left me

Because you wanted to

I think it would be

At least then

I would have the hope one day to see you

But you didn’t want to leave and

You struggle so hard

To let me know

The last thing on this earth you wanted

Was to let go

I’ll never forget as you lay on your finale bed

How still so feebly you would kiss my lips

Telling me

With words unspoken

Our vow of life remains unbroken

But I try so hard to really believe

You’re not gone

Just on leave

Seven twenty eight on a Sunday

I started to grieve

And still it seems like yesterday

© 2012, Dan Sanders. All rights reserved.

Dan Sanders (34 Posts)

I made it through college, started at Pace in New York, family seemed to think I needed a business degree. I didn't last long, two double periods of accounting a week and I was off to N.Y. U. To make a long story short ( too late for that) I graduated from UCLA and actually, my biggest kick out of that is just saying, especially here on the east coast UCLA, but I could care less, been in Boston since 1975, though I was coming for a year or so. A very good friend at the time, she said to me "Dan you'll never leave Boston" so dear Florida “Sun Spot Baby" you're down there, been in and out of radio, TV, acting and that's me in a nut shell.


  1. Beautiful Dan!

    “With words unspoken

    Our vow of life remains unbroken

    But I try so hard to really believe

    You’re not gone

    Just on leave”

    This expresses a true and enduring love. You are lucky to feel it, and I am fortunate to read of it.

    Thank you,


  2. Dan Sanders (Author)


    Thank you. I always feel that I haven’t reached deep enough into my soul to really express whats in there. But when someone like you feels something from it, then I think maybe I did. I honor you opinions because I have also read you.

  3. Dan, this is a beautiful ode to the love of your life. You are like a lighthouse of love for Jennifer. Any time we lose someone, it is always too soon but especially true for a love like this. Inspirational writing!

  4. Dan Sanders (Author)

    Cher I have often thought, and do believe that granted a thousands years or more, I would always want at least one more day. I imagine folks may be getting a little weary of me bemoaning. So I thank you and all that have, for understanding and actually I sense, ” You Like Me…” :-)

  5. Cher Duncombe

    We do like you, Dan! :) More than that, we empathize with you. And truly, isn’t that one of the beautiful aspects of poetry, allowing an artistic outlet? If the only things poets wrote about were sunshine and roses, it would be…boring. Think of the Classics and the lovelorn who wrote wonderful poems and sonnets for the ages. So cling to your love. She will never be far from you and in a way, these poems are tethers with forever bonds.

  6. Dan Sanders (Author)

    Cher thank you again. But am I suppose to believe someone who says shes on the other side of 50 and looks on the front side of 30 :-)

  7. Dan, please don’t tell people I paid you to say that! But…you made my day. :)

  8. Dan Sanders (Author)

    If you paid me then the check must be in the mail . Because I haven’t seen any money

  9. Dan, as my GPS says when I make a different turn, “Recalculating!” :)

  10. Dan Sanders (Author)

    Did you mean recalculating check amount the amount we agreed on,” zero” is fine. :-)

  11. Dan, this is so lovely it made me cry. It’s also very beautiful and heartfelt, and I’m glad that you’re sharing your feelings with people who love and respect you. You take as long as you need. I think this is my favorite of your poems. :)

  12. Dan Sanders (Author)

    Melody, thank you but compared to poetry I feel like a rookie.

  13. Dan Sanders (Author)

    Melody that should have read compared to YOUR poetry I feel like a rookie.

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