Have you listened to raindrops falling onto the ferns in the forest?

Have you listened to raindrops falling onto the ferns in the forest?

Sit still.
Listen to the rain.

Can you distinguish
Each rain drop?

Let the sounds soak
Into your bones.

Can you feel the vibrations
Of the rainsddrop?

Let the wetness
Wash over you.

Try to relax
With the massage?

Rain drops put me
Into a medative state.

Rain drops are like a drum
That focuses thoughts.

Rain drops draw me deeper
And deeper within myself.

I remember the joy
Of swimming in the rain!

Originally written: January 19, 1995

Sitting and listening to rain falling is a very enjoyable passtime for me. Listening to the raindrops puts me into a meditative state. Watching a storm approach across the valley or horizon is exciting to me. It takes me deeper into thoughts within my mind. It brings memories back to become fresh and hot much like a hot flash.

To walk in the rain or just lie out on the dock and let the rain provide the cleansing shower to wash all the bad feelings away are magical moments. These are the precious jewels never to be sold.

© 2012, Frank. All rights reserved.

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Through many past lives of USAF, programmer, I/T middle management, Crisis Manager, Global Customer Satisfaction team manager 40 years seemed to fly by. In my current life of grandfather, amateur poet, painter, and spending time wirewrapping semi-precious stones for ladies necklaces.

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