Why must I listen to your news standing here,

With my mobile phone pressed against my ear?

I feel naked and exposed to the sadness you express,

Without a hope of any happiness.

The street is cold, so is your heart.

Why tell me now that we are to part?

You could have waited until I was home,

Instead of telling me; when I’m all alone.


Why does my hand keep moving in tune,

To the words I say to repel the gloom?

Darkness pervades my every thought.

Now there’s someone else that your money has bought?


I helped you make it, don’t you recall?

When we had nothing, nothing at all.

Except the love that you said we shared,

Whilst I took the knocks and you risked and dared.


Now it seems you have what you need,

A new girl on your arm, one eager to please.

Why must I listen to your news standing here,

With my mobile phone pressed against my ear?

© 2012, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

Danny Kemp (14 Posts)

I am sixty-three years of age, married for the second time with two step-children and three grandchildren. My father died when I was sixteen but had probably summed me up completely by that time. He called me deceitful, and I'm not sorry that he did. I now use that characteristic to tell stories in both prose and, I hope. rhyme. My first novel was published in March 2012. The Desolate Garden is a spy murder mystery with more than a simple touch of romance. It has been likened to The 39 Steps and The Constant Gardener by reviewers and the film producer who's London based Company is converting my story into a film.


  1. Nice. Very sad. :)

  2. Danny Kemp (Author)

    Thank you Dani, it was a sad scene that I saw.

  3. Oh, that was so cold, but believe me, it wouldn’t have been much better face to face. What a coward, and what a wanker! I’m really mad! :(

  4. Danny Kemp (Author)

    I don’t know for sure that was happening Melody, but she was crying, so I just assumed that. LOL She may have won the Lottery and was overcome……

  5. Anya Pham

    Oh, how bittersweetly sad…

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