there’s a lone cold wolf
with blood on his collar
my heart up his sleeve

shackled in darkness
enslaved by the night
solitary rules his mournful chorus

alone he prays to fly

longing for wings
he cries in a weeping stream
to take him away
from his lonesome grave of free

my tender thoughts are random
from the right and the night
my conscience does stream
flowing with ripples of torment and laughter

some fools still believe in happily ever after

i only want this moment
so sweet
to taste
to breathe
to be alive
to wander
alone in my jaded mind

fooling myself
i believe the deception
the tales of passion
the torment
to ecstasy i fly
drowning in a pool of nettles
my spirit dies

i relinquish the anguish
the pain of my own lies
to a new chapter
of temporary laughter
and breathe

for this moment
i am real
i feel
what was lost for so long
i hold on
i believe in my prison of love

this will be fun
be different
the one
the one who opens my soul
and fills it with black
never to turn back

i grasp the moment with a smile
all the while
it was never really there ..


Poem by Beverly Olson

© 2012, Bevwois. All rights reserved.

Bevwois (1 Posts)


  1. Bevwois (Author)

    Dean when i go to share my poem, some older brunette in a black dress comes up …
    how to i fix thiS?

  2. Beverly there are arrows underneath the little thumbnail pic. Click through the thumbnails until the correct one comes up. If you have not posted a photo in your article you may not get a thumbnail. When that has happened to me in the past I simply chose the Expats logo. :) I hope that helps. I loved your poem by the way. Very beautiful.

  3. Bevwois (Author)

    Thank you Dani Heart ! This is a new forum for me & appreciate the love too.

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