Constantly, religiously. She steps out on her balcony, which is about a hundred feet across the courtyard from mine and just talks (loud) and talks (loud) and TALKS!

So yeh I know lots about her. Her relationship with her husband (he often sits there meekly beside her uhhhhhhhh listening). Last night she debated him (loudly) whether she should include cilantro in the chili she was making. He really didn’t have a preference, at least from I heard (only her).

Her brother “up north” has some kind of crisis and she told him (on the phone) that she’s WAY WAY too busy to “listen to it”. She said this (loudly) over and over.

I wondered a bit about that.

And her kid (he’s like 7) apparently is wearing her out right now, what with all his planned activities and she just WORKS TOO HARD. Yeh I heard her saying this (loudly) into the kitchen through the (always) open door.

There’s lots and lots and LOTS of other things I know but whatever.

Mostly I just drone it out…


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  1. TMI, Pete? :)

  2. Pete Armetta (Author)

    No doubt Cher. It’s not so bad in the winter but once I’m outside on my patio through the warmer months, it’ll be pretty much 24/7. I hear her as soon as she wakes up, until she goes to sleep.

    Thanks for reading.


  3. Too Funny Pete. But..I bet she knows your listening. Seems like she needs an audience. This is cleverly done and very descriptive. Maybe you should casually shout out..”” sing a song back at her. Well that ‘s if she’s not too busy talking and she could hear ya.

    Funny Piece Pete, thanks for sharing.

  4. tolbert

    Good one here Pete. I think I have heard this husky voiced woman on more than one occasion as I have strolled past the apartment complexes of life…you made her come alive and I could hear her loud voice. Thanks a lot Pete. I’ll get even.


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