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It’s never the same here without you
It’s better just having you near
Without you I’ve nothing but anguish
I hope you come back but I fear

I’ll be lonely without you forever
And miss you much more every day
Cause it’s never the same here without you
I’m praying the next time you’ll stay

I can remember just having you near me
And remember the way that you said,
“That it’s never the same here without you”
Now you’re swimming around in my head.

© 2012, Pete Armetta. All rights reserved.

Pete Armetta (12 Posts)

Pete is a writer of Flash Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories and Essays. Based in Charlottesville, VA, Pete is currently pursing Fellowships and Residencies in order to further hone his craft. He is a regular contributor to The River Journal, and has appeared in Take It To The Street Poetry, BestNewPoems and Subtle Fiction. Pete is pleased to be a part of the Expats Poetry community!


  1. Wow, very poignant, Pete.

  2. Welcome to Expats Poetry, Pete. Wonderful poem – a sentiment that everyone can relate to profoundly.

  3. love it love love it! Direct, sincere, open, honest, true, and your heart on a plate, on your sleeve, bravely stating your case! who could resist not always being near for you when you put it like that Pete! So romantic.

  4. Pete,

    Love’s labor lost; but not forgotten clearly.

    If this is a reflection of a real loss or just an expression of a possible loss, it is so evocative of the endurance of love and longing that it embodies the essence of the poetic.

    BTW: Welcome to Expats!


  5. Simple, honest and So relatable. Love the way it moved, in fact the only way I could like it better is if I’d written it! :)

    btw, I was listening to this video while I was reading your charming poem, and the two really went together:

  6. Pete Armetta (Author)

    Thank you kind folks for your well, kind words. :) I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. And Melody, for such an overplayed and square Lady Antebellum hit, it really does have something going on, doesn’t it? I love it actually! heh


    • Pete, are you kidding? You should hear my harmony line! Love the song and the group.

  7. Pete Armetta (Author)

    OH I’ll tell you Melody it’s quite catchy! I’ve never heard anything but the hit which I overheard for sure hehh I oughtta check them out.

    And hear your harmony line! :)

  8. Anya

    What a sweet and melancholy poem. So simple but also such a universal experience.

    • Pete Armetta (Author)

      That’s so nice of you to say Anya, thank you for commenting, I’m glad it resonated with you.

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