Oceans Apart

As I gaze into the caribbean green;
peeking through your saffron waves;
I can’t help but wonder what lies beyond….?

The eyes are supposed to be
the window to the soul.
Yet yours fail to connote
the secrets within.

Instead there is a vastness
both varied and deep.
That implies one might drown
before ever learning the truth.

In the distance I spy a
quaint wooden bridge;
where I one day hope to sit;
my bare feet dangling in your abyss;
that I might finally come to know
the essence of you.

Copyright 8/26/07
Dani Heart ?

© 2012, Dani Heart. All rights reserved.

Dani Heart (46 Posts)


  1. Nice. And so true of teen sons. :)

  2. Dani Heart (Author)

    Thank you Elisa. :)

  3. onecanvasonesoul

    this piece was very vivid like a beautiful painting. :)

  4. Dani Heart (Author)

    Thank you very much Oncecanvasonesoul. I so appreciate you reading and commenting. :)

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