Miles and miles I walked
In search of the holy one
Who made you and me
But could be seen by none

With a disappointed heart and fragile attempts
I lost my hope, I gave up my hunts
Consoling my disturbed soul, I looked up at the sky
Watching the snow balls roam and cry

The serenity of the night from the grace of Adam
Comes across Eve and the garden of Eden
I was gawking down at the flowers smiling
The moon’s bright white light shining
On the most beautiful, eternal place

I stared at the lady bugs on the green grass blades
It could be seen everywhere, the beauty he has made
Squirrels digging deep and their tails broom the ground
And butterfly wings in a merry-go-round

And then it burst , upon me the truth so pure
To my incomplete spirit, the heavenly cure
For all the legends and myths I blocked
Every temple-church gates I knocked

Beneath every horizon, in the very pages of books
And in every desert and every snow hooks
The secret was there, simple and sweet

Oh! I sigh with regret
Why in my life couldn’t I get?

Now in my coffin do I realize
That in me was my Lord, and the earth was my paradise

© 2013, Soumainiac. All rights reserved.

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