I choose to escape from reality today..

I choose to slide head first into the creases of space and time.

I’m choosing to hide behind the corners of the madness..the secret, hidden, invisible corridors, rabbit holes, and tunnels to the center of the earth.


I choose to escape from reality today…


I’m leaving this place..this Hell..

and the idiocy of a dimwit society.

I’m stopping the time and placement of  (times) cruel hoax;

a life not destined for trivial mediocrity…

but meaningful relations and joyful incursions


I choose to escape from reality


…to flee to my own Nirvana…

away from chaotic displays..superficial ego, jealous rants, tyrants and suit dusters.. wicked hand shakes and half closed eyes (I don’t want)

Slick fellows and Self absorbed felines.  A black kiss and a dying rose.. (I don’t want)

Poison juices and Rotten fruit (I don’t want)


I’m leaving a place between reality and the fantasy that I know will never exist.


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Mantra Lotus (28 Posts)

"I Float".. I Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee..ain't nobody got nothin' on me." I Float with iridescent blue wings.. high on top of purple dust..low to the oceans floor. I spin and whirl, wallow and sink. I am who I am, only because it's who I've been blessed to be. All-knowing and nothing. I knew you long before YOU knew you. Plugging USB cords to the universal cipher, I stay lit. I do what I do, simply because I DO IT. I love, hurt, bleed, laugh, cry, dance. F up, F down, (sideways and on my knees). I pray for forgiveness, and sleep on books of ancestral secrets. I love life because "it's" mine. I want bliss, happiness, joy, and "The love of my life", but I face reality that I may have to settle for the fattest, funkiest, avocado, soy burger and wheat-grass juice. "I Float"..Not fast. Not slow. Just enough for (YOU) to stay with...(ME). Mantra (Writer, Poet and Artist from The Greater St. Louis Area)


  1. This piece sounds so ominous. Hopefully this is not an every day reality. :)

  2. I feel sorrow when reading this, it’s strong and overwhelming. I hope your life improved considerably but on the other hand, away from the everyday sadness of life, you have a talent there. If I could offer some elderly advice; use it, don’t waste it. Turn the “I don’t want.” int…. I will have.
    Reality is better with imagination.

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