A new phenomenon for me,

the cold on the highs, warmth in the lows;

cruising down a lone stretch of road,

in the middle of nowhere on the back of your Harley.

How you managed in just a t-shirt baffles me still.

A last ditch effort to add sensory to something you didn’t want to forget?, or perhaps to draw attention to all things perky?

And when you pulled over instead of the emotionally wrecked, inexperienced voice of fear and trepidation I offered you,

I could have

used my weighted advantage to secure you, and my lips to stop your heart. My ample bosom pressed onto yours to raise your temperature as we succumbed to the fire with fingers interlaced, right there on the side of the road under the velvet blanket of night.

I guess I know that’s what should have… happened.

but… it’s not like I can shove courage into a backpack and hike the countless miles all the way back to then…

but if I could… I would have

allowed your heat to consume me and let my inhibitions go,

because even though it was wrong, it was for the right reasons.

It doesn’t matter that we stopped the train from reaching its destination.  Could have, should have, and would have will always be stow-aways in the cargo holds of our hearts.

And the symphony our bodies would have created there in our blackest hour would surely have been worth every painful note of the music we would later have faced.




© 2012, Dani Heart. All rights reserved.

Dani Heart (46 Posts)


  1. Fabulous poem, Dani, that sizzles! We all have second thoughts and sometimes look back with regret over what was and what could have been. Mine, alas, are probably more mundane than yours…but I know what you mean. :)

    • Dani Heart (Author)

      Cher I can’t thank you enough for your sweetness. Nice photo. I have been experiencing a lull in my writing as of late.. and I have been pulling from my archives. I think I have a few pieces brewing though… winks. You are a gem. Thank you. :)

  2. Dani,

    This is evocative, pellucid, profound and in a word, splendid.

    What a wonderful early morning read!


    • Dani Heart (Author)

      Thank you so much for your sweet words… they mean more than you know. :)

  3. I believe that poetry should leave the writers soul a bit drained and the readers soul a bit fuller, you have truly done that for this reader.

    • Dani Heart (Author)

      Wow, what a huge compliment. I so appreciate you taking the time to ingest my words. :) Thank you.

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