Darwin, Australia Nightcliff Beach, Photo by Maria Grujicic

Why do I need a poetry class to do what’s in my heart?
Why do I need permission to write when the environment nurtures
my art?
Why do I look for inspiration when I have it within?
Why did I travel the world to search for my gift to find laughter
in my eyes?
Why did I return to you when all I needed was me?
Why did i proclaim possession of my soul when all I really needed
was to simply be.

By Maria Grujicic
Artist name, Malena

© 2012, Maria. All rights reserved.

Maria (3 Posts)

I love to create.. poetry, stories, pictures, songs, music... games and more. Oh .. And Did I mention I love to dance?


  1. Maria, I love the way your questions pour in the most thoughtful and introspective phrasing. Your very intospective soul-searching is poised in beauty. Welcome to Expats Poetry!

    • Maria (Author)

      Thanks for the welcome Cher! ‘Pour’ is the right word to use… the poem just poured out of me!

  2. tolbert

    “Why did I travel the world to search for my gift to find laughter
    in my eyes?”

    Yes Maria…so many questions go unanswered but the important thing is that you ask them! Thank you for bringing them to Expats Poetry…Welcome…and keeping asking provoking questions, they make us all think!

    • Maria (Author)

      Hi Tolbert! The nice about unanswered questions is that it keeps the journey interesting! Thank you for the warm welcome!

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