Rummage in my drawer
Pull out socks long left behind
God these never wear

It’s been a long time
Since they saw your feet. I wear
Them quite a bit. Not

through nostalgia
But because they are there – and
Marks and Sparks I’ll bet

Ironic really
For you wore out very fast
Had no quality

Not to mention spark
Although you did have good taste
‘Specially in socks.


© 2012, Sam Parr. All rights reserved.

Sam Parr (4 Posts)


  1. Love, love, love, these blue socks Sam!

    • Sam Parr (Author)

      Thankyou – these are not feet or my socks though Cher – I AM wearing those self same socks today though – they just won’t wear out! :-)

  2. I love this poem. I have a shirt from an ex that I love wearing. It definitely lasted MUCH longer than he did.

    Welcome to Expats Poetry!

    • Sam Parr (Author)

      Thankyou Jen :-)

  3. I have some pairs of socks that have really been around WAY too long. Why do I keep them? Who knows.

    I have OTHER pairs of socks that are no longer pairs. Where’d the other one go? God only knows.

    It’s no secret I’m a fan of this 5-7-5 style thing you have going on here. WELCOME to Expats!! :)

    • Sam Parr (Author)

      same here Pete – I have SO many socks, it’s unreal and so many odd socks too….:-)

  4. Although these socks are blue, they look as though they would make you happy. Truly cozy and comforting, if they wear anywhere near as well as they look.

    Good taste for sure!

    Welcome to Expats Poetry Sam.

  5. tolbert

    …and to think you have TWO of them…and i thought it was bad having to deal with a paradox!

  6. Anya

    I liked the almost whimsical lilt to this poem! A simple topic that uncovers so much deeper stuff…

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