Today is a new day shining it’s light

Like the sun glow so rich and burning so bright

Today is a good day for you to endure

To follow your path and find a new cure

The journey will face you with all that you need

Work hard on yourself and soon you’ll be free

Free from the cages trapped by your mind

Fly high in the sky and see what you find

Be truthful and honest with every new day

Great mystery will answer your confused little ways

Step out of your shell unleashed your own might

Discover your wealth in a flight of true sight

Let love be your beacon and life be your sea

Guiding your vessel to achieve harmony

The strength is inside you to open your eyes

Take a leap that is faithful and step to the sky.

© 2012, Josh Neigum. All rights reserved.

Josh Neigum (9 Posts)

My name is josh,i'm a proud father of three wonderful children.I have a very artistic nature about me,a calm and peaceful person who enjoys the company of others.My poetic nature has been with me for as long as i can remember,life has many changes and i roll with them the best i can.I enjoy the outdoors and the ocean is my church :).Must be my Pisces nature.Hopeless romantic....that's me.I work in construction but my gift has been building spiral staircases out of exotic woods and have 15 years experience in just that,yes i do pride myself on it and i should its not easy my friend.Hobbies are reading,going to the gym,dancing,writing poems and many other stories,listening to music as long as it has some soul to it :),hiking,swimming,omg i could go on,you get the life saying and will always say and believe it is " there is nothing that can't be done".

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