Stride the ledge
And look down
Way down
Chaos of you
Oceans of hue
Suite of rigid
Colors of a clown

Raise your glass
Still empty
For no cheers
Unknown hops
Your time have passed
Aging like an oak
You listened
You listened. ..hard
But no one spoke

Pick your shovel
And dig deep
Dig deep
The wolfs are restless
The forest knows
No sleep

You dodged the danger
Walked by
Every other stranger
Waved away
All you can find
Outpaced the echoes
Far…far behind
You ran your fears
Gambled away
Your hidden tears
You cry
You fell short
Have no ears
And welcome
To the human kind

© 2012, MZ. All rights reserved.

MZ (13 Posts)

Blogger, writer, dappling in Poetry and freelancing in Web and Graphic Design.


  1. What a wonderful piece of poetry, LOVED ! it

  2. Very thought provoking MZ. Many lines that are ralatable. Well done. :)

    • Thank you Dani :)

  3. To me.
    Full of sadness and regret, a heavy touch of cynicism but realism staring at you. I can relate to that.
    Loved the…“Drips..Drops Unknown hops” Like life I guess for most, summed up in four short words.

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