Like honey from a golden hive

She makes us feel so much alive.

The joy of victory and the sting of defeat

Are toasted or drowned in her waters sweet.

She is the essence of youth and beauty

She likes to flirt but shirks no duty

From the waters below and the skies above

She refreshes us with truth and love

Of the many daughters Oshun bore

She is the fairest and so much more

She is a maiden, a mother, a coquette

Once we know her we never forget

Spiteful and bitter she is not

She’s the bearer of the honey pot

She is kind and full of grace

With a beautiful body and a radiant face

She is gracious and she is kind

Wit and wisdom fill her mind

She is playful and mischievous

Often clever, but never devious

She fosters joy that lingers long

Her sweet waters run swift and strong

Promises she makes, she’ll always keep

Her sweet waters run extremely deep

© 2012, Larry Conley. All rights reserved.

Larry Conley (36 Posts)

I am a veteran of the U. S. Army. My good fortune is to be married to a wonderful woman and have two remarkable twin sons who are making their way in the world. I taught civics in a Pittsburgh area middle school. I am a cat and dog lover.


  1. Larry, what a honey of a composition. I didn’t see till the end that you had written it, and I was surprised to find the author was a man. Your wife is a fortunate woman indeed, to be married to a man who obviously loves and respects, not to mention understands, women. Lovely piece of work, delicate and knowing.

    • Larry Conley (Author)


      You words honor and humble me.


      • Larry Conley (Author)

        Should be Melody. Haste makes waste!

  2. Really delicious and sensual and a beautiful ode Larry; a wonderful tribute for sure.

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