Do you still think of me
(The way I think of you) when
You hear ‘Come on Eileen’

With detached curiosity about
Where I might be now?

We heard it everywhere we
Went that year we lived
In London
I wonder if you
Are still chagrined by our
Ironic fondness for it
As you were when the
Girl from Vancouver
You had a
Crush on expressed her dislike of
The song

I wonder if you hear it on
Jukeboxes and tell stories of the
Innumerable times we were
Out after work or
Shopping on weekends
And that song
Haunted us through the city

I wonder if you made it through
Med school, and if you
Get back to England at all
And if you’re still in
Touch with what’s-her-face who
Broke your heart all those
Summers ago

I wonder if you ever got the news
About Anthony
And if you’ve got a family now
If you stayed in Tennessee
And still read Bill Bryson

I wonder if we’ll cross paths
Again eventually
I have pictures to give you
We could have some pints
Over Dexy’s Midnight Runners
And catch up

22 May 2012

© 2012, Anya Pham. All rights reserved.

Anya Pham (4 Posts)


  1. Wow. I am kind of envious of your travels. :) I don’t think I want to go to Tennessee but it might be nice to visit London, and Vancouver. Lovely verse here with wonderful descriptives. :)

    • Anya Pham (Author)

      Thanks very much, Dani! I haven’t done nearly as much traveling as I want to. I do have some photos of gorgeous places I’ve been to that I’d prefer to use on my posts, but that would be a matter of finding them. :P

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